Okay, two posts in one day is a bit over the top, but I need to share this self-made holiday with you. Today, on this very special day, we celebrate music. No normal music, no. We celebrate the weird kind. So, I leave you with the following youtube video:
Well, this is it. It's my website. I've been waiting to create one for a while now, and I finally did it. I love to blog, which is why I have a Facebook, a Twitter, AND a Tumblr.

So, a little about me:

I'm classified by people that don't know me as 'weird' or 'nerd'. Truth is, I'm both. I always have something interesting to say, whether or not you listen is up to you. You never know what it'll be. It could be a random fact, or something totally abnormal, like how that big famous tower thing in Paris grows taller in the summer, and shorter in the winter, due to the way that temperature affects the metal. Or that 'geek' means 'circus freak'. I could go on and on with the facts I know. My friends call me 'Human Encyclopedia'. However, I don't know as much as an Encyclopedia. That would be absurd.

I will happily read anything you link me to, or give to me to proofread. Remember, I'm a writer myself. I might drastically change your draft, into what I see as 'better', however you may disagree. Just tell me that. I'll redo it, with not as many changes.

It took me an hour to write this post. My OCD prevents me from posting something that's not detailed enough or has poor spelling and grammar usage.

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    October 2012